Subject Verb Agreement Exercises Grammar Bank

Look at each sentence and think about the subject/verb chord. What`s the right answer? 6. None of the computers work. Correctly “correctly”); if (A0-“false”) – i-i-1; , if (A1″true”), i-i-1; if (A2-true) – i-i-1; if (A3-“false”) – i-i-1; i-i-1; i-i-1; – i-i-1, – i-i-1, si (A6-true) – i-i-1; if (A7″true”), i-i-1; , i-i-1; , i-i-1; Answers.document.write (” 3. Someone forgot to turn off the TV. That`s not right. . Question 1 – False. The real answer was: not correct. Everyone did it… .

1. Everyone did their homework as planned. Not correct You got “i.toString” from `t.toString`. 10. 12 miles is a long distance to travel. It`s just eight. The pair of gloves is not mine. That`s not right. 5.

The President and his brother were invited. Really not correct . . . You get the “currentGrade” rating. “CurrentHow.” . 9. Stars and stripes fly over the courthouse.

Or wine, it`s good, thank you. It`s just four. Every car on the road is new. That`s not right.